Ensuring battery fires
can pack their bags

Easily extinguish and safely store lithium-ion batteries that catch fire in aircraft.

EASA SIB No.: 2009-22R1
FAA AC 120-80A
ICAO Doc 9481 AN/928
SAFO 09013
Certified as per:

About the XBAG

The new high flyer in terms of safety

Airline passengers bring a multitude of electronic devices on board today – and with them a significant risk: Smartphones, tablets or notebooks contain lithium-ion batteries that could spontaneously ignite. Yet the new XBAG takes away this danger: In contrast to standard fire extinguishers, it immediately cools down ignited batteries to room temperature and stops the fire. In addition, the XBAG enables the safe storage of the affected device until the next landing. All this makes it an indispensable companion on every flight.



Placing battery fires into the bag is extremely straightforward

01 / 06
Open the XBAG

Release the catch and fully unroll the bag.

02 / 06
Put on the gloves

Protect yourself using the enclosed safety gloves.

03 / 06
Extinguish the fire

Spray the extinguishing agent into the fire until the fire has been extinguished.

04 / 06
Place the device into the bag

Store the extinguished device inside the XBAG for safety reasons.

05 / 06
Cool down the device

Spray the device inside the bag if necessary using the fire extinguisher.

06 / 06
Close the XBAG

Firmly press the Velcro fastener together and store the XBAG in a safe location.

Industry-partner testimonial

“XBAG offers the most advanced solution for lithium-ion batteries, currently available in the market”

Managing director
Flame Aviation
Robin Pijnaker

Customer Testimonials

“We chose the XBAG because of the incidents this year on board and it's a 360 solution”

Purser/ Technical Purser
Xander Pieters


“I would unconditionally recommend the XBAG for use in aircrafts.“

Incident Commander
Airport fire department
Ludger Beitelsmann


“The incredible increase in safety, coping with Lithium fires on board of our aircraft, is an important step to travel at reduced risk for our passengers and crews.“

Fleet Manager B737
Thomas Beschle

Product Details

Packed full of
unique benefits

Your XBAG offers much more than just a tool for easily extinguishing battery fires – namely all sorts of clever ideas that ensure intuitive handling, the greatest possible level of safety and maximum efficiency.

Minimizes the risk of an emergency landing and helps
to save costs.
Is easy to operate
without the need for extensive training.
Is especially compact
and space saving.
3 year service life without maintenance

Equipment Variants

Firefighting in its most beautiful form

The XBAG not only impresses due to its inner qualities but also at first glance: Alongside the high-quality fabric, the XBAG can also be optionally covered with real leather. Ensuring it will also stand out in Business or First Class due to its exclusive elegance.


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