Better fire protection
in a class of its own

Learning lessons from the XBAG: This unique bag now offers not just everything you need to safely fight battery fires in the air – but also a professional training course by Flame Aviation, the leading manufacturer of simulators for aircraft fires.

Lithium-ion batteries on board have literally posed a fire hazard – up until now. Only since the XBAG was introduced can smartphone, tablet or laptop fires be effectively and sustainably extinguished. That’s because, unlike traditional fire extinguishers, the XBAG stops battery fires right away and quickly cools the extremely hot rechargeables back down to room temperature. The eponymous bag then serves to safely contain the devices and keep any toxic fumes from escaping.
For the fire-protection experts at Flame Aviation, it was immediately clear that this closes an important safety gap. This resulted in a close partnership with the Dutch company, from which buyers of the XBAG will benefit immensely. From now on, buyers will enjoy not only the fire-protection solution itself but also the opportunity to learn everything about the best way to deploy it: In a specially developed training course, five crew members at a time will be trained in deploying the XBAG, using a Flame Aviation simulator. The course covers theory and practice and is extremely realistic. Participants can then pass along the knowledge they have gained within their own airlines.
Flame Aviation is also making the XBAG a fixed component of its standard training program and equipping each of its training simulators with one of the bags. The XBAG has teamed up with the Dutch professionals to provide maximum training success on the ground – and even more safety in the air.

About XBAG GmbH:
XBAG GmbH was established in 2017 to advance the development of innovative solutions for fire protection. Behind this startup from the German state of Baden-Württemberg is an enthusiastic team of safety experts with many years of experience in the aviation industry – and a strong partner: the globally active company SACS Boysen Aerospace Group, with its tightly-knit service network and accumulated expertise offered by an entire group of companies. 
About Flame Aviation:
The renowned Dutch company Flame Aviation offers leading training solutions to provide realistic simulation of firefighting situations aboard aircraft, and to offer comprehensive training for crew members. In addition to its sophisticated simulators, Flame Aviation also offers professional support for the implementation of training courses – and organizes training courses of its own under its partnership with